How to get to Leyte

To reach Southern Leyte, there are several modes of transportation. One can book a flight with Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific from Manila to Tacloban and then to Hinunangan on an FX van. Air-conditioned buses from Pasay or Cubao proceeds directly to Hinunangan.

How to get to Leyte by Land

The current road network that crisscross Southern Leyte involves major arteries that connects Leyte via two main outlets – the Maasin-Mahaplag-Baybay on the Western region and the Mahaplag-Sahod on the central region through the Maharlika Highway.

As of 1996, Southern Leyte stretched a total of 1,413,736 kms – 20% consisting of national roads, 25% provincial roads, 9% municipal road, and 46% barangay roads.

How to get to Leyte by Air

By air, Philippine Airlines as well as Cebu Pacific has three flights daily plying the Manila to Tacloban route. The total time of travel is 1 hour and 10 minutes. Air Philippines likewise has four weekly flights plying the Cebu-Tacloban route.

Southern Leyte currently only has one operational airport stationed in Pananawan, Maasin. It is regarded as a feeder airport with a runway 1200 meters long and 30 meters wide. However, the airport does not currently service commercial flights. There are no terminals and they can only accept general aviation planes weighing less than 12,000 pounds during the day.

How to get to Leyte by Sea

Trips by Sulpicio Lines going to Tacloban takes about 36 hours. The ship leaves Manila three times a week. The departure day should be arranged one week prior to the trip.

There are about a dozen seaports in Southern Leyte with the Maasin and Liloan ports classified as national ports while ten are municipal ports. From these ten ports, five are now fully functioning – the Maasin, St. Bernard, Sogod, San Juan, and Liloan. From Cebu, the trip will take approximate 6 hours on a regular ship and a couple of hours on Supercat and Waterjet. A ferryboat trip takes 3 hours from Liloan to Surigao.

From Cebu, one can reach Southern Leyte by taking a Fast Boat going to Ormoc and then ride an air-conditioned van going to Hinunangan.

Once you reach town, it is quite noticeable that people are using modified pedicabs as freight haulers. The passenger seat is substituted with a flat piece of metal and a short fence.

Public Transportation in Leyte

There are five appointed bus terminals in Southern Leyte namely Maasin, Silago, Hinunangan, Sogod, and Liloan. These stations are found in open spaces which serve as parking area and thus are not equipped with buildings and other amenities.

There are at least four bus companies plying the Manila-Maasin route namely Cedec, Ciudad, Inland Trailways, and Philtranco. Another bus line, Bachelor plies the Ormoc-Maasin-Davao route.

From Maasin, Leyte, the trip takes five hours going to Tacloban, twenty three hours going to Pasay or Quezon City and 19 hours to Davao City through the Liloan ferryboat.

To reach Southern Leyte, there are several modes of transportation.
There are several ways to travel to Southern Leyte Philippines, either by Air (PAL or Cebu Pacific) from Manila to Tacloban City in Leyte and then via an FX van direct to Hinunangan. Or by an aircon bus from Pasay/Cubao in Manila which will go directly to Hinunangan.

Jeepney, pedicabs, and tricycles are easily accessible to take the tourists to different attractions in and around the city. Rental cars with drivers are usually arranged by hotels on behalf of their guests.

To save up on money, it is always advisable to look around for the best deal first. Remember that the first offer is not always the best package. Likewise, try to look for tour packages in order to maximize time in going to Leyte. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, make sure that you get the best out of your trip.



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